Happy Valentines Day!

Yesterday I had the overwhelming desire to make a miniature chocolate cupcake with pink buttercream frosting and sparkles.  I’ve also been looking for an excuse to shoot a baked good on my new desert plates (three other exciting designs to come in future pictures of future baked goods).  It was the perfect marriage–except for the fact that I overfilled 90% of the tins, the batter went everywhere, and only approximately six of them turned out like real cupcakes.  These are the best three.  Oh yeah, and I didn’t have sour cream, so I subbed it out in the batter for Greek yogurt, and that certainly didn’t work.  No non-lowfat cupcake should taste like a lowfat cupcake.

C’est la vie.  At least they’re pretty.  A follow up post at a future date when I actually get it right.