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When I first started this blog, I honestly thought no one would read it except maybe The Bestie.  What I didn’t expect was all the cross-traffic from other foodie bloggers.  I have been pleasantly surprised with my still small but ever-growing audience, and have been delighted to find so many other food lovers baking and cooking delicious things, taking beautiful pictures of those things, and then writing fantastic stories about their cooking adventures.  I think if it weren’t for the interaction with other bloggers, this thing would have died months ago.

A fantastic thing about interacting with other bloggers is getting to try new recipes.  One of those recipes that I recently tried came from a blog called While He Was Out.  If you’re looking for a great foodie blog with frequently updated content and amazing pictures of all things yummy, then this is the blog for you!

One of my first times poking around over there I found a recipe great for someone like me with basically no time for anything but working and sleeping: Mini Artisan Bread Rolls.  Typically bread is a multiple-hour endeavor, completely out of the question after a twelve hour day at the office.  But the dough for these little delights is made ahead of time and kept in the fridge, ready for your use whenever you want, for up to two weeks.  How great is that?  And you’re pretty much guaranteed to have the ingredients, since they’re simply yeast, water, kosher salt, and flour.

I’m no recipe poacher, so I’ll send you over to While He Was Out for the low-down.  I will say that for those of you like me who need to convert from celsius to Fahrenheit, yes, it really is a 445 degree oven–if you do like I did the first time around and try baking them at a lower temperature, the crust will never get hard and crusty, and you’ll wear your jaw out trying to chew them.  Also, though parchment paper I’m sure would be lovely, if you’re cheap and lazy like me and never seem to have it around the house ($5 for a roll?  Really?!?), simply spray non-stick cooking spray into an unlined muffin pan and bake them  that way.  But be sure not to add too much dough before the pre-bake rise–no more than half filled–or you’ll end up with a globular mass that no one wants to eat.  (Not that I know from personal experience, or anything.)

Those slight nuances aside, these are easy-peasy, super yummy, and a great addition to a weekday dinner after a long day at work. Give them a whirl, and while you’re at it, drop on in to While He Was Out for some other great recipes!